Picasso’s Women – A Peek Behind the Curtain

PW_facebook-event-bannerSenior BA Major Juliet Barrett has designed her Honors Thesis around Brian McAvera’s play about the lives of Picasso’s several wives and lovers. Check out her guest blog on 7th & Jordan to read more about her amazing research and rehearsal process:

7th & Jordan

In art there are no rules.

I consider myself equal parts director and actor. Had you asked the freshman Juliet, my outlook would have been drastically different. And now I look back and the journey has been nothing that I expected and everything that I wanted.

At the beginning of this year I wanted a capstone project that would combine all of the methods, styles, and life lessons from my undergrad career. This search ultimately lead to the creation of my senior Honors Thesis: producing and directing Picasso’s Women by Brian McAvera. I planned this project in order to challenge my own artistic process and to create a common ground for artists on campus who wouldn’t regularly have the opportunity to meet. A play of female monologues told from the perspective of the mistresses and wives who inspired the legacy of the great painter, Picasso’s Women provides a unique view…

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