CMCL’s Joshua Trey Barnett is the (corpo)realities Symposium Essay Prize Winner

We are pleased to announce that Joshua Trey Barnett, MA Student in Indiana University’s Department of Communication & Culture is the winner of the  2013 Indiana University Graduate Symposium on Theatre & Performance Studies Essay Prize. His paper “Photographic Sequences of Transsexual Bodies as Performance” investigated Joshua Riverdale’s “Gender Outlaw: My Physical Evolution on Testosterone,” a 110- photograph sequence of the photographer’s body in various states of somatic transition.


Screenshot from Joshua Riverdale’s FTM Transition Blog, “Gender Outlaw: My Physical Evolution on Testosterone,” the case study at the heart of Barnett’s prize-winning paper.

In his paper presented at the 2013 (corpo)realities conference sponsored by ART@IU, Joshua demonstrates the productive potential of consecutive images to render the prolonged process of transition visible. According to Joshua:

“Riverdale’s photographic sequence straddles the divide between embodied performance and archival documentation, and functions to perform his transition in a coherent way that relies on and refers to the corporeal. This analysis offers a generative framework for re-imagining the relationships between visual rhetoric and performance, representation and performativity, image and flesh.”

The prize comes with recognition in Department of Theatre and Drama’s various publications and a $200 stipend sponsored by the Indiana University Department of Theatre & Drama and ART@IU.


IU CMCL Student, Joshua Trey Barnett

Joshua Trey Barnett is an associate instructor and graduate student in the Department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University Bloomington. His research program centers on questions of (in)visibility with an emphasis on queer and environmental visual rhetorics. Invisible processes such as climate change, community pollution, and somatic transitions constitute the primary sites of Barnett’s research and attention. He theorizes at the intersections of rhetorical, performance, and critical cultural studies. He is also a photographer and queer activist.

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